Mantlepiece of Detritus Shaped by the Wind, 2013-2020, Title by poet, W. Perry Epes
Porcelain, stoneware, cone 04-cone 6, found objects, 10’ to 15’ long, 12” high

In Mantelpiece of Detritus Shaped by the Wind, a buzzing degree of potential energy is held within the system. Things might get messy and disordered, like in Dutch still life painting, but will maintain their beauty and sense of wonder in that disheveled state.

The place between that tidy degree of order and the overflowing chaos (that inevitable state of entropy) is critical to the work. A sense of ambiguity and stored energy exists in the arrangement and system. The mixture of pieces taken from my studio shelves and mass produced objects, procured in the “Duchampian” tradition, only amplifies the stored potential in the work.

Where these organized systems and play meet is the recurring spicy impulse in my working process.